islandbroOur speaker this week was Henk DePuit, a Dutch missionary who works at the YWAM campus in Canberra. It was regarding Bible study. We learned about hermeneutics (the study of sentence structure in the Bible), reading passages in historical and literary context, and interpretation. He was solid in Bible and theology.

Saturday night a friend and I went and did some community outreach with the Baptist church. We had an Aussie-style barbie (BBQ) in the park. We served free sausages, coffee and cordial (Kool-Aid). It was amazing to hear people say things like,

”Why did you come all the way from Colorado/Canada to serve sausages?”

 “This is really free?”

 “If your God changes the way you live, can He change the way I live?”

 “This is so amazing what you’re doing for the Newcastle community. This is really what Australian life is all about, hanging out with your mates around the barbie. Thank you so much for coming and doing this.”

Then on Thursdays, myself and other DTS students go to the main shopping area to share our life stories and tell others about how Jesus has changed our lives. The DTS splits up between those who go and tell, and those who stay and pray. This week, the students who were praying felt God leading them to pray for Hank, a fellow DTS student, for the entire evening. At the end of the night, we found out Hank brought two guys to Christ!