Kristin's Life in the DTS India FieldWhen I returned to Australia, YWAM center-living cranked into gear again. It was great to hear everyone’s stories, and strange to see the next DTS praying about where they were going on outreach. For those last couple weeks we did debriefing, evangelism, heard lectures on returning home, and celebrated graduation.

After DTS, I spent a week in Sydney. I did a few things with friends, saw a sunrise and sunset at the Sydney Opera House, visited the old criminal barracks, and went for Yum Cha (oriental food). But mainly, I just spent time alone with God.

Now I’m home, and have hung out with friends, shared with my church, climbed around Colorado mountains, and said hi to the gang at the YWAM center near where I live.

 I’ll be honest; a huge part of me just keeps screaming and asking, “Kristin, what on earth are you doing in the first-world again? This simply isn’t where you belong. Think of all the different things you could be doing in India right now…”

 That is the haunting thing. In India, God gave me that extra measure of grace to be able to see horrific stuff which would normally leave me emotionally exhausted. God gave me the energy to complete whatever I needed to do that day–to reach out regardless of the circumstances. Now that I’m back, my heart and mind are finally processing the reality of the slums, street kids, prostitutes, witchcraft, people without knowledge of Jesus, and persecuted Christians.

I would love to be back in India, but right now I’m waiting on God. This summer is filling up, and I’m headed to Moody Bible Institute this fall. Though part of me longs for where I’ve been, I guess God knows what’s best for me because He is taking me somewhere entirely new.