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Reaching Nepalis with Relief

In Nepal, YWAM workers continue to care for victims of the April 25 earthquake. To support their work, please click donate now and pick “Nepal Relief” from the drop-down menu.

YWAM teams have cared for earthquake victims in a variety of ways. One team came to Kathmandu […]

Typhoon Relief Effort Expands

YWAM teams from the Philippines and from many other nations have now arrived in the typhoon Haiyan disaster zone. They are busy providing medical care, transportation of relief supplies, body recovery, and many other services. They face urgent needs for supplies and for more workers.

To […]

In Nepal, a Prayer from Mercy


On her Discipleship Training School (DTS) outreach in Kathmandu, Nepal, Mercy experienced the power of God as she saw prayers answered. She worked with girls rescued from the red light district and she interceded for others on her team. Many people came to faith in Christ. […]

Friends in a Monastery

Tibetan-Kenny-smallOn his Discipleship Training School (DTS) outreach, Kenny made friends in a most unlikely place: a Tibetan Buddhist monastery. Some DTSes, like the one Kenny attended in Cimarron, Colorado, use their outreaches to establish an ongoing presence in a particular […]

Rewriting Stories in Taiwan

Taipei VirginiaWhen Virginia walked into YWAM Taipei’s coffee bar, The Rock, she had no idea her life was about to be changed forever.

“I knew the people there were Christian, but it didn’t matter to me; I just wanted to improve […]

Alyssa’s Party in Thailand

Alyssa tells the story of her Discipleship Training School (DTS) outreach to Thailand, where her team met a woman named Honey and threw her a birthday party. Alyssa tells what happened next.

A Different Kind of Degree

A YWAM Parent’s Story

–by Angela Zimmerman

Excitement built up inside me as I was preparing for class. Spontaneous Multiplication of the Church was our topic, and our instructor that evening has proven her capability for church planting and multiplication through a simple and effective discipleship process. I wanted my daughter […]

Parenting a YWAMer

Lessons From a YWAM Mom

–by Debi Byington


After watching my daughter and my son both go through Discipleship Training Schools, and after joining them on short-term outreaches and now watching them serve overseas, I have learned a few lessons about how to parent a child who wants to join YWAM.

Is […]

From Bethlehem to Ireland to Rwanda, with Love

When 20-year-old Saleem left his home in Bethlehem in the West Bank to attend a Discipleship Training School in Belfast, Northern Ireland, he felt like he had nothing to offer anyone. “I felt like I was a nobody because of my past, and who I was,” he recalls.

But all […]

Nate’s Extraordinary Life

I used to live an ordinary life. Wake up, go to work, come home, go to bed, repeat.

I was 20 years old and nothing extraordinary had ever happened to me… until one day God challenged me to do a Discipleship Training School (DTS). I was familiar with YWAM. Most […]

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