Let Your Flame Go Forward!

Fire is not easily contained. Sparks become flickers, embers fan to flame. Each flame represents an untold potential that spreads to everything that surrounds it it, and to light countless new fires wherever it goes. In 2010 we celebrate a life changing vision, a world changing movement, and an international family that holds this eternal flame in their heart. We celebrate knowing God, His everlasting faithfulness, goodness, power, and love. We celebrate the priviledge of making Him known to all nations, all tongues, and all peoples. Lighting the torches of the future being entrusted to each of us us. We celebrate 50 years with Youth With A Mission.

God gave Loren Cunningham a vision of waves of young people going across the continents, spreading the love of Jesus Christ and making him known. In 1960, this came to pass as Youth With A Mission. Now, in 2010, we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Youth With A Mission.