YWAM Ireland walks the Irish border, the Karen refugee camp in Mae La, Thailand is suffering from a food shortage, YWAM Worcester seeks to empower the communities around them in South Africa, YWAM Perth works to bring biogas and water filtration to Zimbabwe, Youth With a Mission has been operating in Maceio, Brazil since 2000 and we explore some of what they are doing, YWAM in the Philippines has a new ship ministry being birthed out of their mission, a Medical Missions school is happening in Perth, YWAM Geneva is running a Children at Risk School, YWAM Lausanne has a Community Development School coming up, a new podcast about YWAMers working in the different spheres of society has been launched, and more on the 116th episode of the Youth With A Mission News Show Podcast

On the YWAM News Show we work to bring you stories and opportunities from around the world and around the mission to share with you about some of what God is doing, and how you can be involved.

In this episode of the Youth With A Mission News Show we bring you many stories form around the mission. Have listen to the full podcast:

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The stories that we talk about on this episode include:

  • YWAM Harpenden, England Documentary Film School
  • Stories about volunteers working among the refugees in Lesvos, Greece
  • Food Shortage in Mae La Refugee Camp in Thailand
  • The YWAM Maceio, Brazil Centre
  • YWAM Ireland BorderWalk 2019
  • YWAM Worcester, South Africa’s work to Empower the Communities Around Them
  • Biogas and Water Filtration brought to Zimbabwe by YWAM Perth
  • New YWAM Ship for the Philippines
  • Medical Missions School at YWAM Perth, Australia
  • Childern at Risk School with YWAM Geneva, Switzerland
  • Community Development School at YWAM Lausanne, Switzerland
  • New YWAMers Podcast
  • more …

You can listen to all these stories, read more about them, and find links to all the details, on the YWAM News Show Web-site.

Youth With A Mission News Show Podcast Episode 116