Join Youth With A Mission in Greece for a summer outreach program, June 6 is the International Day for the Unreached, YWAMers assist in Brazil’s recovery from their deadliest environmental disaster, the YWAM Ship Amazing Grace is getting ready to set sail, Youth With A Mission is partnering with Global Outreach Day for Go 2020, we get to hear about “The Tabernacle” ministry with YWAM Amsterdam, YWAM Perth is providing health and youth services to outback communities in North West Australia, YWAM Marromeu is ministering in Mozambique, there is an upcoming outreach opportunity to Mongolia, and more on the 115th episode of the Youth With A Mission News Show Podcast

On the YWAM News Show we work to bring you stories and opportunities from around the world and around the mission to share with you about some of what God is doing, and how you can be involved.

In this episode of the Youth With A Mission News Show we bring you many stories form around the mission. Have listen to the full podcast:

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The stories that we talk about on this episode include:

  • YWAM Lesvos Summer Program
  • International Day of Prayer for the Unreached
  • The Tabernacle – YWAM Amsterdam
  • YWAMer assists in recovery from Brazil’s Deadliest Environmental Disaster
  • YWAM Ship Amazing Grace to set sail
  • Go 2020
  • YWAM Marromeu, Mozambique
  • YWAM Mobile Health and Youth Service in Australia
  • Bevin Grinder on the Engaging Missions Podcast
  • Bless Mongolia Missions Trip
  • more …

You can listen to all these stories, read more about them, and find links to all the details, on the YWAM News Show Web-site.