Join YWAMers around the globe in praying and hearing from God as we pray for YWAM Together 2018. He is inviting you!

Over the last decades, our YWAM family gatherings have always included celebration, relational connection and cross-cultural diversity. They have been significant times where God has spoken to us and shaped our lives. Many YWAM staff, volunteers, students and friends are now looking forward to attending another such event, called YWAM Together, which will be held in Thailand from September 2-8. Please join us in prayer for this gathering.

YWAM Together 2018 comes during a critical and transitional time in the history of the YWAM movement and the world. Coordinators of this gathering believe God desires to usher YWAM into a deeper level of unity with Him and each other in an “Acts 2” moment that could have a profound impact on all present and flow out to the nations.

“Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after these things.”

Revelation 4:1 (NASB)

Revelation from Jesus. As we “Come Up Here” (Revelation 4:1) we anticipate more of Jesus. We will engage in worship and prayer to hear what He has to say to us as individuals and corporately in this historic time.

Photo credit: YWAM Together Prayer Team

Listen to the letter.

From every nation (Revelation 7:9). We are expecting approximately 3,000 YWAM family members to gather, from many nations, especially from Asia. Many have never attended a YWAM gathering of this nature.

Shine Pattaya on Wednesday 5th September. We have an opportunity to shine the light of Jesus into the city of Pattaya.  Imagine 3,000 delegates and local participants going to the streets, schools, prisons, and neighborhoods of this city, encountering tourists and sharing the gospel through the arts, music and sports. We will also be distributing Bibles and praying. We believe this day will impact Pattaya and Thailand.

Calling prayer warriors! We need you! Battles are won through worship, praise, thanksgiving and spirit-led intercession. Through prayer, you are planting seeds from the heart of God and His Word, deep into the heart of Pattaya, Thailand, and into YWAM for future generations.

Please join with YWAM’s global prayer day, called The Invitation, during the month of August and throughout the YWAM Together event to pray with us. You are particularly invited to pray during our prayer day, August 9. If you only have a few moments to pray, please pray that God would use YWAM Together 2018 to build His kingdom and that He would break down barriers for YWAMers to attend.

. . . from many nations . . .  (Revelation 7:9)
Photo credit: YWAM Together 2016

Let’s Pray:

  • Pray that YWAMers whom God is calling to Thailand will hear and go. Pray also for provision of resources. Pray for a full complement of delegates from many nations. (Revelation 7:9). Pray for God to break down barriers for people to be able to go.
  • Pray that YWAM Together 2018 will catalyze an ongoing move of the Holy Spirit in Pattaya, Thailand and in the region.
  • Pray for strategic partnerships with local Thai believers.
  • Pray for protection for those coming from “sensitive”
  • Pray for the word of the Lord to be clear through many voices in our corporate gatherings and through Shine Pattaya.
  • Pray for heart preparation of all coming.
  • Pray that we would receive His burden and strategies afresh for YWAM and the nations (Rev. 4:1). Pray that we would be guided by the lessons in our history and propelled into our future by the Holy Spirit.
  • Pray for grace for all volunteers and the YWAM Together 2018 Convening Team for covering over all areas of their lives.
  • Pray that the Round Tables will be a feast of impartation between the cultures and the generations.
  • Pray that the Network Circles will lead to effective partnerships among like-minded ministries.

Photo credit: YWAM Thailand

Take Action:

  • Connect through prayer. We would love to hear what you sense the Lord is saying. Please share what you pray: and
  • Watch YWAM leader John Dawson’s video regarding YWAM Together 2018:

Photo credit: YWAM Together 2018

YWAM Together 2016 in Kansas City
Photo credit: YWAM Together 2016

How We Prayed

July 2018 – YWAM Foundational Values 7 – 9

  • YWAM San Francisco, California reported that they had a wonderful time praying for the YWAM foundational values 7 – 9. They also provided feedback on how to talk about value 9 and this feedback has been passed on to YWAM leadership.
  • One person on Facebook suggest a missions idea related to having a biblical worldview: Each time you go to a country, buy a Bible in the local language and leave it somewhere God reveals to you.

Future Topics:

  • September 13, 2018 Kolkata
  • October 11, 2018 YWAM Foundational Values (10 – 12)
    #10 – Function in teams
    #11 – Exhibit servant leadership
    #12 – Do first, then teach
  • November 8, 2018 Muslims (North Africa Update)

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