As the university school year begins in many places, we invite you to pray for universities. Specifically, pray for university students near you and for YWAM’s campus ministries around the world. YWAM has more than 90 campus ministry locations in countries across the world, such as Nicaragua, Tanzania, and Cambodia.

University World News reported in 2012 that the total number of students around the globe enrolled in higher education was expected to double to 262 million by 2025. Many of these students come from restricted-access nations. They are tomorrow’s world leaders.

Reaching Students at Sunchon National University in South Korea

Reaching Students at Sunchon National University in South Korea

According YWAM campus ministry workers in Madison, Wisconsin, “The university is a key doorway for the Body of Christ to reach and teach the nations – especially through ministry to international students from creative access nations.”

To get a picture of campus ministry in YWAM, see YWAM Thailand’s university ministry page (pick Campus Ministries from the menu on the right), or view YWAM Madison’s campus ministry, or watch this video of a young man who came to Christ through YWAM Boston’s campus ministry.

Also, take a moment to think about universities in your area, and ministries to university students that you might know about. Most likely, many students near you come from countries far away. To get a picture of international student mobility, take a look at this interactive map. It shows where students go and where they come from in each country of the world.

Pray for Universities

Pray for universities and students near you

  • Pray for access to the Bible for all university students.
  • Pray for university professors and staff and that they would come to know the Lord and develop a biblical worldview.
  • Pray for college students to make time for worship and ask that our Father would grant them rich times with Him.
  • Pray for wisdom for university students to do well on tests, papers and projects and bring glory to the Lord.
  • Pray for solid relationships between students and their parents and for a heart of obedience when students are home.
  • Pray for healthy relationships for university students and that believing students would shine the light for unbelievers.
  • Pray for purity in thought, word and deed.
  • Pray for students to embrace God’s will for their lives.
  • Pray that the whole campus from the powerless to the powerful be reached with the whole gospel.
  • Pray for a biblical worldview to permeate universities through: discipleship schools, small group Bible studies, seminars, and conferences.
  • Pray that God would raise students who receive Christ today into future leaders in their nation.
  • Pray for the planting of campus fellowships and churches amongst the most unreached immigrant people groups and international students in universities. Pray that those students would be empowered to reach their own people throughout the world.
  • As a community, pray for God to reveal opportunities for campus based ministry in your local area.
YWAM Mongolia's university student ministry

YWAM Mongolia’s university student ministry

Pray also for YWAM’s Campus Ministries:

  • Pray for YWAM’s Student Mobilization Centre. The mission of the Student Mobilization Centre is to mobilize university students of all nations on every campus worldwide to God’s purposes for their lives in knowing Him and making Him known through their life’s work.
  • Pray for potential student interns and YWAM locations to be linked together through YWAM’s Converge service. Converge is an online missions mobilization tool, a searchable registry of internship opportunities.
  • Pray for the equipping of new YWAM missionaries through focused training schools, such as the School of University Ministries & Missions.
  • Pray that many respond to Christ’s call to universities around the world.


Take action, and get involved with university ministry near you:

  • Engage university communities both near you and in other countries. Mobilize students to serve and learn about issues of poverty, disease, illiteracy, impure water, human trafficking, domestic violence, drug abuse, homelessness, at risk youth, etc.
  • Reach out to international students at a university near your YWAM location.
  • Set aside a regular time to prayer walk at local universities.
  • Pursue opportunities to partner with YWAM campus ministries. Invite a university ministry team to your location for ministry orientation or host a university ministry seminar at your base to learn how to interact with universities.
  • Sign up as a host with YWAM’s Converge service to get pre-qualified student interns for your YWAM ministry.
  • Share on YWAM’s Facebook page, post a picture and add a comment about how you prayed.
  • Follow YWAM on Twitter; search for #praywithywam and tweet about your prayer time or post a picture.

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