Starting June 6, YWAM invites you to pray for Muslims as an act of love during their holy month of Ramadan. The June topic for YWAM’s prayer day, called The Invitation, is 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World. Please download a booklet and join us.

The 30 Days prayer focus began at a gathering of YWAM’s international leaders in 1992. They were meeting in the Middle East and in a time of prayer for the region God spoke to them in a powerful way. This time resulted in the Red Sea Covenant which was a commitment these leaders made on behalf of YWAM. 30 Days was born out of this commitment and began as a small prayer guide, produced by YWAMers largely for YWAM. Since then, 30 Days has grown each year and now includes an estimated 500,000 participants across the wider body of Christ, including several agencies and churches that gather content, translate and distribute the 350,000 prayer guides. 2016 marks the 22nd anniversary of 30 Days.

Refugee-woman30 Days coincides every year with Ramadan (June 6 to July 5 this year) which is an important month of fasting and religious observance for Muslims. The purpose of 30 Days is to call Christians to make an intentional and respectful effort during this period to learn about, pray for and reach out to Muslim neighbors.

In the Muslim world today, we see encouraging answers to prayer. In the book A Wind in the House of Islam, David Garrison notes that the greatest movements of Muslims turning to Christ have happened in the 21st century. One of the leaders of YWAM’s work in the Middle East reported in a video that he sees the grace of God pouring out to Muslims in unprecedented ways. He attributes that flow of grace largely to the increased prayer from prayer efforts like 30 Days. Please join us in prayer to be part of God’s work.

How to Get Started

To begin, download the 30 Days prayer guide from the 30 Days of Prayer website.

30 Days booklet from 2009

30 Days booklet from 2009

Also, take a moment to like the 30 Days Facebook page. When you do so, you will receive short summaries of the prayer topics each day during the 30 days of Ramadan. You can share these summaries with others in your community.

Determine how you and your community will “remember” to pray each day. Examples from previous years include prayer bracelets and playing drums at midday to call a YWAM location to prayer. Some locations pray at the beginning of their day and others pray just before lunch.

How to Pray for Muslims During Ramadan

Read the page each day from the 30 Days prayer booklet or read the topic summary from the 30 Days Facebook page or website. Pray through the suggested prayer points.

You can also pray for themes mentioned in the prayer guide booklet:

  • Pray for Muslims who are questioning their faith, that they will meet others who have walked that journey and found it led them to Christ.
  • Pray for those Muslims who decide to follow Jesus, that they will find fellowship and peace within their new faith.
  • Pray that the millions of unreached immigrants leaving their homelands in search of a new life may find new life in Christ there.
  • Pray for peace in areas where people are having to flee their homeland.
  • Pray for new Muslim believers to grow in unity, encourage one another in fellowship and love and to be lights for others.
  • Praise God for the significant movements of Muslims to Christ in this century and pray that the pace of these movements would heighten and expand.
  • Pray for fellow Christians to resist the temptation to exchange hatred for hatred, hostility for hostility.
  • Pray that God will lead you to Muslim individuals whom you can love in Jesus’ name.

Also, pray for YWAM and for the 30 Days team:

  • Pray for God to reveal his plans for YWAM locations around the world in reaching Muslims. Pray for provisions for ministries that are focusing on Muslims.
  • Pray for 30 Days distributors—churches and organizations that translate, print and distribute the guide in many different ways—for wisdom and safety. Praise God for growth in participation in areas known for Muslim/Christian conflict, specifically, Eastern Europe and West Africa.
  • Pray for more 30 Days participants in the United States where many Muslims have moved.
  • Pray for wisdom, creativity and perseverance for the workers who create the prayer guide.

As you pray, take action:

  • Share the 30 Days website with others often during the 30 days period. The prayer guide is available in 23 primary languages, some with 30 Days apps.
  • Talk to leaders at your church about 30 Days and organize a prayer campaign with your congregation.
  • Donate to 30 Days.
  • Mark your calendar for next year early enough to purchase posters, guides and other resources for 30 Days. Ramadan falls May 27 through June 24 in 2017.
  • Sign up to get the 30 Days emails.
  • Write the names of Muslims you know and any Muslim communities near you. Think about how you can bless them and serve them.
  • Share on YWAM’s Facebook page, post a picture and add a comment about how you prayed.
  • Find YWAM on Twitter; search for #praywithywam and tweet about your prayer time or post a picture.

How We Prayed

Praying at the YWAM DNA Europe meeting

Praying at the YWAM DNA Europe meeting

Here’s what happened through YWAM’s The Invitation prayer day last month, May 2016. We prayed for YWAM properties:

  • On the global prayer day, Mission Builders International received an unexpected check in the mail for $40,000 to pay down their mortgage.
  • At the YWAM DNA Europe meeting, 350 YWAMers from 59 nations started praying on the global prayer day (May 12) and continued into Friday. They thanked God for the properties He has provided and they prayed for 14 properties where finances are needed to bring about God’s plans.
  • YWAM Mazatlan, Mexico and YWAM Queenstown, New Zealand posted prayer requests on Facebook regarding property needs due to growth of their ministries.
  • YWAM Bluefields, Nicaragua was encouraged to pray for their own property even though they are a new location. God has led them to property that costs $195,000. Please pray with them for God to provide as they know they can’t do it on their own.
  • YWAM Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA prayed that they would be led by the Spirit as they plan and prepare for various ministries and programs they will run in a new building that they are purchasing. They also noted, as other locations did, that God’s timing was perfect for The Invitation for May.
  • YWAM San Diego, California, USA reported that they signed the papers to buy four acres of new land on the global prayer day.
  • YWAM Nigeria reported that praying for property was very timely for their location.
  • YWAM King’s Kids, Brazil noted they were grateful for the Portuguese translation of The Invitation and prayed for YWAM property.
  • YWAM San Francisco, USA prayed and requested other YWAMers to give thanks that God miraculously provided initial funds in 2014 for their property. Please pray with them that God would retire their remaining $2.17 million debt quickly. They have ministered from this location for 20 years which they rented prior to purchasing.

Don’t Miss The Invitation

Upcoming topics for The Invitation:

  • July 14 – Refugees
  • August 11 – Universities

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