We are really amazed with everything God is doing here in Brazil with YWAM’s Olympic outreach called Jesus 4 All. Since last year we have been training many churches in our country about how simple it is to share the gospel as a lifestyle.

Every believer is understanding the authority that they have in Jesus. What is the result? Many people are being healed, they are receiving words of knowledge, many people are getting saved!

Last week we taught about it and went to the streets and a young believer said: “If nothing happens I will leave at 5:00 p.m.” This girl was talking to a man who had a bad knee. His knee was painful and bigger than a normal knee. She prayed for him and the pain was gone. She shared the gospel and this guy prayed and accepted Jesus!

You can join us in this movement. Join us in prayers, in action. Lets share the gospel, before, during and after the Games.

On May 3, we will start 100 days of evangelism around Brazil, in cities along the route that the Olympic torch will take. We will be spending these 100 days in prayer for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and the nations. Join with us! For more information, visit our website Jesus 4 All.

Watch the Jesus 4 All video:

Listen to what Loren said about this movement: