The past months on the Greek island of Lesbos have been nothing short of a miracle. God is doing wonders right before our eyes. Our YWAM teams have witnessed firsthand a refugee crisis of chaos and disorder, but they have also seen volunteers pouring in and doors of opportunity that have consistently opened. We’ve seen brokenness and hopelessness, but also healing and salvation.

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Doors have opened in camps that were closed and guarded. We’ve been given responsibility of entire compounds. The Body of Christ has come together in fellowship and communion, in unity from many nations. Healings and salvations are taking place. Breakthrough with locals are happening as we look for opportunities to love and serve them.

Now a YWAM ship, the Next Wave, has docked in Lesbos offering more opportunities for teams to come and serve.

YWAM’s efforts to serve refugees extend beyond Lesbos into the Middle East and into countries like Germany, France, Sweden, and Italy. If you would like to get involved or find out more, visit or contact us.

YWAM's ship the Next Wave

YWAM’s ship the Next Wave