The Muslim extremist attacks in Paris early in January prompted violent protests in the nation of Niger beginning on Friday January 16. Attacks against churches and local Christians in the towns of Niamey and Maradi left at least 10 people dead and dozens of churches and other properties burned, including the homes of two families associated with YWAM.

Niger House BurnedNiger is one of the world’s least-developed nations, with over 30 different ethnic groups who struggle to survive in this desert land.

YWAM teams in this region are committed to serving the people of Niger through education, community development and other ministries.

 All of our associates are currently safe but some of them have lost their homes and possessions; one of the destroyed churches was planted by our team. The threat is ongoing, and the North Africa Centre has started a Compassion Fund for these families as they rebuild their lives.

If you would like to give toward their needs, please contact YWAM’s North Africa Centre.