Yesterday I had the privilege of attending the Kickoff of the 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP Kickoff game in the Fun Fest Venue surrounded by more than 15.000 Brazilians.

If I had to sum up the 2 hours of the match in a few words they would be: “Expectation” and “Desire”. I could feel the expectation of the crowd. The atmosphere was thick with pre-game jitters and an overwhelming sense that they had to win the first match so as to relieve the conflict so evident in the souls of so many Brazilians’ (at least for a moment).

But there seemed to be a cloud of sorts over the venue, I sensed that their souls are still afflicted by their corrupt history and the intense uncertainty about the future. So, in this first match, I felt that the Brazilians were searching for something or at least for the beginning of something. They brought their expectations, their desire to win with the hope of finding their dreams fulfilled.

By Daniela Lee