The following is a letter from YWAM’s founder Loren Cunningham, addressed especially to our staff throughout the world.

Dear Staff,

Loren CunninghamWe are moving into greater anointing and authority than we’ve ever seen before. However, we’ve already seen attempts to limit our freedom to minister. These will continue, especially in seasons of persecution. God has already given us the pattern to continue to move as freely as possible in carrying out His work. That’s why we need to remain true to our calling.

Some want to define us as a “non-government organization” (NGO) or a “non-profit organization” (NPO).  It may be easier when speaking to government officials or bankers to use those terms. But these should not define us. For one thing, both terms begin with “non.” That’s not who we are. But we, as YWAMers, are a spiritual movement of followers of Jesus Christ of the Holy Bible.

Who and What is YWAM?

1. We are the waves

  • According to the vision God showed me in June of 1956
  • Obeying and completing the Great Commission of Jesus.

2. YWAM is called to be constantly

  • Covenantal
  • Apostolic
  • Viral
  • Global

3. As followers of Jesus Christ, in an all-volunteerfaith-missionary movement, YWAM includes…

  • People of every nationalitytribeethnicity (people groups), and language groups
  • All generations, but with youth as the majority.

4. Therefore, as long as YWAM has these elements and is…

    • Led and anointed by the Holy Spirit;
    • Continuing to be God-fearing, remaining close to Jesus as Lord;
    • Praising and worshiping Him;
    • Advancing in the “alls” and “everys” of the Great Commission implicit in the covenantal vision of the “waves” which calls us to always innovate and co-create with God in fresh ways for the accomplishment of His purposes;
    • Doing all as a scriptural-based movement, fulfilling all of His commands, with priestly intercession, and the five-fold ministry gifts operating among us;
    • While building His kingdom, planting good seed that grows into mature followers of Jesus, andspiritually alive, lasting institutions, that are linked to the YWAM movement spiritually, relationallyand with the same vision and values of YWAM, but are not related legally, as each entity must “render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s but to God the things that are God’s.”  These include institutionssuch as schools for childrenYWAM basesUofN campuseschurches, families, healthcare clinics, ships, and more that serve to transform both individuals and societies in every one of the 4k Omega Zones of geography and in all the social & demographic spheres and groups throughservant leadership.

As long as we remain faithful to these and to God’s Word, YWAM has a brightfruitful, and growing future with God.

YWAM is and continues to be a global family of diverse ministries that are united in Jesus Christ with the same covenant, vision and values, as we are bonded together to Him and to one another,worshiping and learning together.

Jesus is Winning! We also win if we stay close to Jesus, and do, be and teach the above.

“Of the increase of His government and of peace, there will be no end… The zeal of The Lord of Hosts will do this” Isaiah 9:7 (ESV).

Loren Cunningham (September/October, 2013)

P.S. You probably noticed that many nouns, verbs and adjectives above are in BOLD.   I want to challenge you to make a serious study of the Scripture regarding these concepts, either through the exact words or through implication. We need these foundational understandings from the Bible for all of YWAM in the days ahead. Discover them; live them; then teach them and YWAM will live!

*We ask that you do not alter the wording or content of the above text.