In an interview about the YWAM Flying Car we get to hear about some exciting initiative about the Maverick and the Aviation Education Institute.

Loren Cunningham presents the new video “I Am A Missionary” that was premiered at the UofN Workshop. We also hear a report from the UofN Workshop, find out about the October Justice Awareness Month by Steps of Justice, hear about Freedom61, which is an outreach to victims of Human Trafficking in Latvia, and more on the 74th episode of the YWAM Podcast.

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In this episode of the YWAM News Podcast the following stories are covered:

  • The Maverick – YWAM Flying Car
  • University of the Nations Workshop Report
  • October Justice Awareness Month
  • Freedom61 – YWAM Riga
  • more …

You can listen and download this episode, watch the videos, and read more about the stories, on the YWAM News Podcast web-site.