Benny Prasad shares a testimony and song at Liberty University. It is so inspiring that I really think we all need to hear it …

We will also hear about the new Rise Campaign coming out of Colorado Springs, see what is in the the latest magazine from YWAM Africa, follow the YWAM Ships Orange County sailing Vessel the Caribbean Reach as it transits to Kona, Hawaii from California, we hear a testimony of an angry Greek grandmother chasing down a School of Evangelism student, and more on the latest episode of the YWAM News Podcast.

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In this episode of the YWAM News Podcast we talk about the following stories …

  • Benny Prasad shares his testimony and song
  • YWAM Ships Orange County sails for Hawaii
  • U of N Workshop starting in Mexico this week
  • The Rise Campaign launches and exciting new initiative
  • YWAM Africa has a new magazine
  • more …

You can listen and download this episode, watch the videos, and read more about the stories, on the YWAM News Podcast web-site.